Zamani Agricultural Centre

Zamani gardens

Zamani gardens

This department is guided by the different seasons, they plant and sell vegetables that are of that particular season, ranging from cabbages, spinach, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, maize. The produce is then sold at local markets, such as pension points and the income is used for the maintenance of the garden, buying new seeds and paying the people who assist with gardening.
There is plenty of land available in Kwazamokuhle centre, which can be used to develop this program and the available staff needs further assistance in agricultural knowledge in order to develop this department even further. They aim is to not just focus on a vegetable gardens, but it is also to have poultry farms and even egg production. Thus developing a working relationship with the local Department of Agriculture would be to our benefit and will also allow for an opportunity to network with other groups that have successful with their agricultural programs


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