Welcome to Kwazamokuhle!

About Us

Kwa-Zamokuhle is a rural special school in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. It is situated in the area of ePhangweni Mission about 20km from Estcourt. The Disability school was started in 1988 to address the growing need of assisting disabled children within Estcourt community and surrounding areas. The school has however grown over the years and has students from throughout KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa. Currently the school has 180 children registered and it is fully supported by the Department of Education. Other supporters are National Lottery, N3 toll concession, Zulu Kingdom, Open Africa, Ringing In Success

Welcome to Kwazamokuhle!

Welcome to Kwazamokuhle!

Our Goal is :

  1. To educate the child as a whole, intellectually, morally, socially, emotionally, ethically, physically and spiritually.
  2. To prepare our children for further education through instilling in them the basic knowledge and skills needed for this, but also to guide and foster development in such a way that they may take their rightful place in the adult world and become the worthy citizen that is expected of all of us.
  3. To give him the opportunity of growing up in a social and academic environment, and in doing so make our students realize that to be accepted in such an environment, discipline is of vital importance, and that certain norms are to be adhered to.
  4. To make the child aware of the need to look after and appreciate this environment, and that it is essential to the survival of man that he do this.
  5. To make the child want to come to school and be happy at school.
  6. To inculcate in the child the attitude of perseverance, and the will to work towards the betterment of himself and all circumstances.

We can be reached by phone:

0611845131 OR 0730974949
Thank you!

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